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fanfiction.net  is where i spend most of my time these days.  I'm
not proud.

I wrote a story that I have since expanded. It's called 'My Warrior'.

Here's a quick plot outline-

Edward is a Greek army commander that has come upon the shores of Troy to fight in the Trojan War. Bella, a Trojan woman of royal descent, is captured and taken back to the Greek camp as a ‘prize’ for Edward. Age Of Edward

Its coolio heres the link-


ASkars in Swedish subway.

You can't really see Alexander Skarsgard (his head is facing the other way) but he's the big, tall, loud guy near the camera.

100 Monkeys- Pine Apples and Love Apples.

My Video shot in the second row.

Writer's Block: Bite Me

From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?
1) Edward Cullen
2) Jasper Hale
3) Carlisle Cullen
4) Emmett Cullen
5) Demetri

1) Qhuinn
2) Rhage
3) Wrath
4) Zsadist
5) Rehvenge
6) Vishous
7) Lash

1) Eric Northman
2) Bill Compton
3) Godric

1) Josef Constin
2) Mick St. John

1) Lucerne Argeneau

1) Alexander Sterling

Writer's Block: Word for Word

How many (if any) songs do you know by heart? What are they?
I know every HIM song.

4 albums worth of Fall Out Boy.

All of Paramore's- RIOT!

2 Avenged Sevenfold albums.

Don't stop Believin'- Journey.

TONS more.

100 Monkeys!

Ok, so maybe some of you have heard of the band '100 Monkeys'... maybe not.

Well here's the low-down.

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper hale from 'twilight') has a band with - Ben Graupner, Jerad Anderson, and Ben Johnson... and Everyone's favorite Bananager Marty.

They are awesome!

It's kinda a mixture between techno, rock, and folky/bluesy.

So, to the point.

Me and about 20 girls from
thejungle.forumotion.com are going to every show in Michigan.

Michigan you say? Yes. The Spencer Bell Legacy Ball is this weekend. We are going to three shows. 2 at a bar Callahan's and 1 at a bowling alley. (It's a REALLY nice bowling alley!)

I'll post pix and updates from our hotel and the shows!!
How has technology impacted the quality time you spend with your family?
Sadly it has. I go online so much that's its pretty much an adiction.

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard is sex. Enough said.